JASMINE Animal Referral Hospital

Established in September 2014, JASMINE Veterinary Cardiovascular Medical Center (The Japan Animal Specialty Medical Institute Inc.) are world-renowned leaders in cardiac surgery for canines and felines, specializing in mitral valve repair surgery in dogs. We offer state-of-the-art facilities with the latest medical equipment to provide the highest levels of medical care.

JASMINE conducts and publishes clinical research for greater understanding and knowledge of veterinary cardiovascular medicine. We share our research findings with our fellow colleagues in medical journals and conferences worldwide.

In May 2020, we will be re-opening as JASMINE Animal Referral Hospital offering multi-disciplinary medical services in Cardiology, Nephrology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology and Oncology. The hospital is a brand-new medical facility on three levels, and located within 5 minutes of our existing premises.

JASMINE Animal Referral Hospital would like to thank our veterinary colleagues in Japan and Internationally for their continued support and collaboration on knowledge. We will continue to provide our quality cardiology services, while offering advanced medical care across our new departments for our patients, clients and the veterinary community.

Dr. Masami Uechi DVM, PhD



Our veterinarians are dedicated to diagnosing cardiovascular diseases in dogs and cats. A personalized treatment and long-term care will be offered for individual patients. We work closely with the primary care veterinarians in Japan and internationally to ensure patients have the best possible care. Surgical options are available at JASMINE, offering open heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass.

Respiratory Medicine

Veterinarians will diagnose and treat conditions affecting the respiratory system, such as the nose, throat (laryngopharynx), trachea, bronchioles, and lung parenchyma. Respiratory medicine is closely associated with cardiovascular medicine and oncology, and by collaborating with other medical departments, we can provide comprehensive treatment to our patients. Surgical procedures are offered for certain conditions.

Nephrology and Urology

Our team diagnose and treat all conditions related to the urinary tract; the kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra. There are many problems that can affect normal urination in animals; in cats, urinary stones are an increased prevalence; and in dogs, cancer often complicates the urinary system. We offer treatments including cystostomy to remove bladder stones, urinary diversion and dialysis for acute renal failure.


Specializing in diagnosis and treatment of all areas of gastrointestinal diseases including digestive tract, liver, pancreas and the biliary system. We offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing the entire gastroenterology and hepatology. The severity and nature of clinical signs vary and some may show no apparent symptoms. Blood tests, fecal test, diagnostic imaging (radiographs, ultrasound, CT scan and endoscopy) are performed to diagnose specific conditions. Medical therapy and surgical services are offered to our patients.


Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the most common types of cancer treatment available to dogs and cats. At our facility, we offer surgery and chemotherapy treatment, and we can make a referral if patients require radiation therapy. Our veterinarian will tailor a treatment plan based on the diagnosis thorough discussion with the owner to improve the patient’s quality of life.


9:30 am – 16:30 pm

Initial Visit

Available for consultation and surgery

△ Limited availability due to open heart surgery

* Consultations by appointment only unless emergency

* Hospital will be closed from 31st December to 3rd January for New Year’s holidays

  • TEL: (+81) 45-910-1210
  • FAX: (+81) 45-910-1220
  • E-MAIL: jasmine.cardiology@gmail.com
  • WEBSITE: https://jasmine-vet.co.jp


For Clients Living in Japan
Japan Animal Referral Hospital is a dedicated referral center with expertise in small animal Cardiology, Nephrology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology and Oncology.

STEP 1 – Referral From Your Primary Care Veterinarian

Your primary veterinarian will contact JASMINE and discuss your pet’s condition and medical history with one of our veterinarians.

STEP 2 – Making an Appointment

Appointment will be made through your primary veterinarian for any initial consultation. Your veterinarian will send us a referral letter prior to your pet’s first consultation.

STEP 3 – Consultation

Please have your pet fasted 8 hours prior to the time of your appointment. Water is allowed.

STEP 4 – Report

Your primary veterinarian will be contacted and updated on findings and treatment recommendations by our veterinarian. A written medical report will be sent to your primary veterinarian.

STEP 5 – Follow-Up

We work closely with your primary care veterinarian for follow-up treatments and plans.


Address: 1-8-37 Nakakawa Tsuzuki-ku Yokohama-city Kanagawa Prefecture 224-0001

By Car

10 minutes from Third Keihin “Tsuzuki” Interchange 10 minutes from Tomei Expressway “Kawasaki” and “Yokohama Aoba” Interchange

By Train

0-minute walk from the Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line “Nakagawa Station”


We Provide Our Services at the Following Locations:

1. JASMINE Animal Referral Hospital in Japan

Mitral valve repair surgery and other cardiac surgeries are offered at our facility in Japan.


1、Find a board-certified veterinary cardiologist in your local area and have them examine and evaluate your pet’s heart condition. This would provide us information if your animal’s condition is eligible for the open-heart surgery.

Please have your records sent to jasmine.cardiology@gmail.com
・Chest x-rays
・Cardiac ultrasound – this can be performed every 2-4 months at your Cardiologist’s discretion, but a final echocardiogram is requested by Jasmine Clinic one month prior to travel to Japan

Each echocardiogram should include an echo report, images, and videos (AVI format). The following views are the most important when assessing for surgical candidacy.

・Right parasternal long-axis 4 chamber view (with and without color Doppler)
・Right parasternal short-axis view papillary muscle level (M mode)
・Right parasternal short-axis view mitral level
・Apical 4 and 5 chamber view (with and without color Doppler)

2、Our veterinarian will review your pet’s medical records and contact you if your pet is suitable for mitral valve repair surgery. If the patient is appropriate for the surgery, additional medical records are required to assess pre-operative risks.

The tests include:

・Full abdominal ultrasound: used to rule out potential surgical risks.
・Blood type (DEA 1.1 antigen): Needed in order to prepare donor blood for surgical patients 1 to 2 months prior. The common blood-typing test for dogs is DEA 1.1 antigen (+) or (-). Negative type blood donors are not common in Japan, and we require advanced planning to coordinate.
・Blood test: CBC, Biochemistry, Electrolytes, C-Reactive Protein
・Urine test: UPC, UAC, in-house urinalysis including USG
・Coagulation profile: AT, APTT, Fibrinogen, ACT, Antithrombin III (ATIII is mandatory)

3、Once your pet is eligible for surgery, we will contact you to plan the surgery date.


Prepare for Japanese Quarantine

Japan has strict quarantine regulations for importing pets and please note this process can take over 7-months to be completed. Early preparation is recommended if you are considering bringing your pet to Japan for the surgery.

Since there is a long quarantine period for dogs and cats arriving from non-designated countries, before entering Japan, we suggest you prepare early for the export. Once your dog is diagnosed with mitral valvular disease, make sure your dog is ISO microchipped before vaccination against Rabies. Japanese quarantine requires dogs or cats to be vaccinated twice against Rabies 31 days apart and have them tested for Antibody titer test (Rabies serology test). The 6-months quarantine period starts from the day of blood collection for antibody titer test.

NARITA International Airport and HANEDA Tokyo International Airport are the closest airports to JASMINE. We recommend clients fly into Haneda as it is closer to our hospital.Please refer to the Animal Quarantine Service in Japan website for complete information: https://www.maff.go.jp/aqs/english/animal/dog/

Alternatively, you may contact Mr. Nate Estes from Mighty Hearts Project at Support@MightyHeartsProject.org or visit their website
https://mightyheartsproject.org/ for more information.


Pet friendly hotels are limited around our hospital and making reservations can be difficult at the last minute. We suggest you book hotel rooms once you have confirmed the surgery date.

・Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

・Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi
Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi is prepared to accommodate 1 dog or 1 cat under 7 kg per room. For details, please contact with the hotel.

・The Peninsula Tokyo
The Peninsula Tokyo welcomes pet stays provided that the required agreement form is duly signed and the stay meets necessary hotel conditions and guidelines.

・Oakwood Suites Yokohama
Yokohama’s tallest residential building, offers timeless bayfront living
experiences. Boasting panoramic city and waterfront views that oversee
Yokohama Bay, the apartments are fully furnished with state-of-the-art

・Citadines Harbour Front Yokohama
Located approximately 30 minutes by car from Haneda International Airport.
About half of the guest rooms are fully furnished and the guests’ lounge that is accessible from the outdoor terrace. appliances.



Mighty Hearts Project was founded in 2016 by Nate Estes and owners of dogs who have benefited from mitral valve surgical repair. Mr. Estes has had a unique experience with his dog’s diagnosis, pre-surgical treatment, intervention, post-surgical challenges, and recovery Mr. Estes assist his members by providing them with the hope, support and education they need throughout the surgery planning process and recovery.